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    Questions about bone marrow post here.



    Q: Do you sell BM-MNCs from normal healthy donors that are CD138+ via selection, similar to the MM CD138+ cells?
    A: Yes, we offer CD138+ cells from normal bone marrow. We actually just discontinued the products for the frozen cell pellet or the lysate. The reason we don’t provide this as cryopreserved format is because the viability can be as low as 50%. CD138+ plasma is so low in the BMMNC population, the kits antibody picks up dead cells along with the plasma cells and the purity can be as low as 65-75%. We can do it as custom isolation but the customer will have to accept the viability, cell purity and total cell recovery. Another option is cell sorting but it can get expensive.

    Q: Does AllCells have access to bone marrow from donors with meningitis?
    A: Sorry, we do not have access to bone marrow from donors with meningitis.

    Q: I looked online and in your catalog for this, didn’t see CD138 cells from BM. Can you custom make this?
    A: We discontinued this product due to the difficulty of isolating this cells. We can provide it as custom but we will not guarantee cell number, purity and viability.

    Q: I would like some information on your ABM018F Frozen BM CD34 cell. How many times has the donor cell been expanded? Are these research grade or clinical grade cells?
    A: The frozen bone marrow CD34+ stem/progenitor cells (ABM018F) are isolated from fresh bone marrow aspirate and frozen down the same day. We did not expand these cells prior to freezing it and it is to be used for research use only. Clinical grade samples will be offered sometime in the near future.

    Q: Is 55y/o donor bone marrow the oldest provided?
    A: Correct, 55 y/o is the maximum age we can collect. We don’t have that many older donors in our pool. We have maybe around 5-10 donors and only a few are eligible to donate at a given time. Also, the cellularity is low on the older donors so we can’t guarantee cells numbers as we would be able to with younger donors.

    Q: How do you purify and quantitate CD34 cells? How do you delivery the cells? Do the sorted cells work well in culture based on your experience ? 
    A: All of the fresh healthy donor bone marrow aspirate we use for CD34+ isolate are processed on the same day of collection. We operate our own donor facility for the collection of healthy donor whole blood, bone marrow and leukopheresis. Only the diseased tissues, cord blood and lipoaspirates are collected from outside clinics. We isolate the bone marrow MNCs by density gradient separation. We use Miltenyi Biotecs CD34+ Indirect Isolation kit to enrich for CD34+ cells and sorted using the AutoMACS Pro. Purity of the cells is determined using BD’s FACS Calibur Flow Cytometer. Here is a sample Dotplot we provide as part of the QC data. The cells are suspended in IMDM with 10% FBS and 2mM EDTA shipping buffer and sent by FedEx Priority Overnight delivery at 4C in cold gel pack. We’ve done extensive expansion testing on the bone marrow stem cells. With the right culture conditions, the cells should expand quite well. We will be launching our own HSC culture medium in August

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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