GMP-compliant Clinical Grade Cryopreserved Leukopak

Cryopreserved Leukopak

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AllCells is the leading provider of high quality human primary cells from peripheral blood and bone marrow. AllCells collects from bi-coastal (Alameda, CA | Quincy, MA) owned and operated AllCells-LeukoLab – Donor Care and Management Facilities; and process in our adjacent laboratory. We partner with global life science researchers and bio-manufacturing organizations to develop immunotherapies, vaccines, and cell and gene therapy starting material.
Tissue and Blood Donor Depth

Donor Depth Makes the Difference

Our donors, being the source of the materials we prepare for our customers, are a crucial part of our process. We pride ourselves in taking the best possible care of our donors. Our priority is their safety and comfort, at all times. AllCells manages the largest, most diverse recallable donor pool in the industry, which has allowed our global operations to meet and exceed the needs of customers.


Clinical Grade Cells

GMP-compliant Clinical Grade Products

AllCells Clinical Grade products are for further manufacturing of allogeneic cell based therapies. Through our experience in Clinical Grade collections, we have developed a proven approach to delivering the highest level of quality and compliance. Learn about our proven approach to delivering Clinical Grade cells, when you need them.


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You can order fresh basic products from AllCells and receive them exactly when you want them, in as little as 3-days. You just choose the date you want and we make sure you have it. It’s that easy. This includes products like Whole Blood, Bone Marrow, or Leukopaks, with no donor requirements. By not specifying requirements, you’ll gain speed and control without sacrificing quality.


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