Shipping Stem Cells and Bone Marrow

Shipping & Delivery Options

Product Integrity, Speed of Delivery, and Optimized Pickup Times – AllCells shipping principles. To deliver on these principles, AllCells utilizes an industry-leading AeroSafe Global Shipping Package, customer-focused delivery options, and an optimized processing schedule. You can trust AllCells to deliver the highest quality cells on time and on a schedule.
AeroSafe Package

AeroSafe Package

AllCells has partnered with AeroSafe Global to provide a validated, insulated and reusable shipping packaging in accordance with ISTA 7D standards in summer and winter profiles. The AeroSafe shipping package will maintain a safe temperature range to ensure that the highest quality primary cell products are protected, with the integrity and viability that you have come to expect from AllCells. Following receipt, an AeroSafe Global representative will contact you to facilitate the return of your AeroSafe shipping package. If you have questions, please call 585.760.2830 or contact us. READ MORE

AeroSafe Shipping Benefits

AeroSafe Benefits

  • Product Quality: Shipping temperature range maintained for up to 96 hours after packaging.
  • Sustainable Shipping: Reusable and recyclable packaging components reduce landfill and disposal within your facility.

    » limit the waste to the environment and handling within your facility.
  • Integrity: Proven package integrity – over $9 billion dollars’ worth of valuable product shipped in this configuration with no excursions from AeroSafe.

Clinical Cell Delivery

Courier & Express Delivery

In as little as one hour, AllCells bi-coastal donor collection facilities deliver fresh products to researchers in the San Francisco Bay and Boston Metropolitan areas on the same day as collection. FedEx delivery options are also available for all of North America and cryopreserved products. Contact us today about your same-day or express delivery needs!

Optimized Delivery

Optimized Pickup Times

AllCells early collection times and onsite processing provides the flexibility to select release times for time-sensitive research projects. See “Fresh Available Pickup Times” in the chart below to identify the pickup times for your next order.

Shipping Table
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