Shipping Stem Cells and Bone Marrow

Shipping & Delivery Options

The importance of executing research on a schedule is an aspect that AIICells understands. To ensure that the highest quality cells are ready for distribution when they’re needed, AllCells has defined release times based on tissue types. These times greatly enhance one’s ability to plan research according to AIICells’ optimized processing schedule. AIICells has also simplified handling and shipping options. Refer to the Shipping Chart below to learn more.

Standard Shipping: FedEx Priority Overnight

Packaging/Condition Options

Other Options, Available Upon Request

  • Regional, Same-day/Next-day Courier Service for the San Francisco and Boston’s Metro Areas
  • Delivery times vary depending on the distance from our collection locations and traffic conditions
  • FedEx First Overnight:
  • International Couriers: Contact us for your international shipping requirements
  • Customer-supplied Packaging: Start a chat to learn more

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