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Primary Human Cells

Through a variety of tissues, we can isolate various hematopoietic cells such as Stem/Progenitor CD34+ or CD133+ cells, Neutrophils, Monocytes, Lymphoid Cells, NK Cells, and much more. Please click on any tissue source below to begin your AllCells online catalog search.


Our scientists have over 50 years of combined experience developing a wide range of assays. Learn more about our immunoassay,  flow cytometry and tissue culture  services on our Bioservices page.

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Latest Webinar

"Cell Storage Best Practices" :
AllCells recently presented a webinar on cell storage equipment, techniques to provide the most up-to-date trends in research today.

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2015 Inventory Sale

Over 100+ SKU's are priced below market in order to deplete volume.

  • Products include healthy and diseased human & animal primary cells
  • Products up to 50% off, total discount may be more

  More promo details here. here.


The R&D team at AllCells has been working hard to offer new products to meet your research needs. New for this year:

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Watch our latest BioTube Technical Video, How To Isolate Mononuclear Cells w/ Ficoll Gradient:

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2015-10-22 | AllCells, LLC, Expands Leadership Team to Drive Customer Value and Operational Excellence
2015-09-30 | LeukoLab Receives IRB Approval to Administer Vaccines to Clinically Healthy Donors - Expands Service Offering

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