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*Lead Times

Lead times apply to healthy donor products only. Diseased tissue and cells are limited by stock availability. Lead times may vary due to the nature of the disease and sensitivity of patients. Custom product lead times may vary. See Custom page here for more info. *Let us know if you have an urgent project as we will consider them on a case-by-case basis. 

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Cryopreserved Cell Storage Conditions

AllCells recommends all cryopreserved products be stored at -180°C in vapor phase liquid nitrogen. Long term storage at -80°C is not recommended.

Storage Precautions

** WARNING: Do not store AllCells frozen cell products in the liquid phase of liquid nitrogen (LN2). Liquid can enter closed screw top cryovials, which then have the potential to explode when removed from storage. **

If AllCells products are stored in liquid phase of LN2, at -20˚C, or -80˚C for >1 month will void any warranty of the product.

Laboratory personnel should use extreme caution when storing samples in LN2. LN2 storage consists of a liquid phase and a gaseous. If cryovials are immersed in the liquid phase, LN2 can enter the closed screw-top cryovials during storage. The cryovial may then explode when it is removed from storage due to the vaporization and expansion (700x expansion ratio) of the liquid nitrogen inside the cryovial.

Health Hazards of Liquid Nitrogen

Liquid nitrogen has a 700x expansion ratio, which may cause physical hazards and injuries from the explosion of cryovials, containers, equipment, or other devices. Extensive tissue damage or burns can result from exposure to LN2 or cold nitrogen vapors. Asphyxiation may result from the displacement of oxygen in the air with nitrogen to levels where there is insufficient oxygen. Inhalation of oxygen deficient air can cause dizziness, nausea, vomiting, loss of consciousness, and death.

Personal Protective Equipment

The following personal protective equipment is encouraged when handling or using LN2:

Cryo gloves /Waterproof thermal insulated gloves

  • Hands should be protected with waterproof thermal insulated gloves that can be quickly removed if LN2 is spilled on them. Cryo gloves are not intended for submersing hands into LN2.

Lab coats

  • Body must be protected with pants, lab coats, and closed-toe shoes.

Safety goggles

  • Eyes are sensitive to the extreme cold of LN2 and its vapors. Over-pressurization may result in the explosion of improperly stored cryovials. Chemical splash goggles should be used when handling LN2 and when handling cryovials and other sealed containers that have been stored in LN2.

Safety Precautions

AllCells uses cryovials that are designed for vapor phase liquid nitrogen storage.

If long-term storage in the LN2 liquid phase is required, do not use the cryovials provided by AllCells.

Use either:

  • Manufacturer-approved cryovials, specifically designed for liquid phase storage.
  • Gaseous phase-approved screw-top cryovials that are then hermetically sealed in an outer protective envelope designed for use in LN2.

The handling of cryovials inside of Biological Safety Cabinets or Chemical Hoods (with the sash lowered) will further reduce the risk of injury from explosions caused by excess pressure within the vial.

Limited Warranty: AllCells warranty of frozen cell products for a period of 1 year form the date of receipt if stored properly.


Cryovial: Simport T310 Cryovial ®

For more information regarding cryovials, please visit Simport t310-cryovial.html

For more information on AllCells, LLC products, please contact an AllCells Customer Service Representative at


The products purchased from AllCells, LLC are “For In Vitro Research Use Only.” In compliance with U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Regulations, these products are intended for use neither in clinical diagnostic procedures nor in therapeutic procedures.

These products must be:

  • Treated as potentially contaminated biological specimens even if available serological reports are negative.
  • Handled by establishing or following appropriate safety control procedures to ensure the safety of using these products.

What additional information will accompany my AllCells Products?

Cell product packages contain:
A Certificate of Analysis
The Certificate of Analysis lists the following:

  • Catalog number 
  • Catalog description 
  • Donor information (as provided)
  • Viral results (HIV, HBV, HCV)

If applicable:

  • Cell viability
  • Cell purity
  • Cell count

In addition, each purified cell product package contains:
Flow Cytometric Analysis
The figure below is a sample Flow Cytometric Analysis of our CD34+ enriched progenitor cells from human mobilized peripheral blood. The upper right panel shows the viability of cells and the lower right panel displays the purity of cells. The lower left panel represents the control. Samples were collected on a BD FACSCaliburTM.

Flow Cytometic Analysis Report

Product Name: NPB-CD3+ PAN T CELLS

ID#: A4282

Catalog #: PB009-1F

Purity of Cells (Lower Right Panel): 99%

Viability of Cells (Upper Right panel): 97%