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We, the staff members of AllCells, LLC, commit ourselves to the following principles, which we agree are the standards of ethical behavior and excellence in practice that are fundamental to all activities in biotechnology:

Respect for Human Individuals

We recognize that all humans have inherent dignity and that the welfare, rights, beliefs, perceptions, customs and cultural heritage of individuals should be taken into account. We treat clients, donors, colleagues, and all others who seek information about our organization with this respect.

Respect for Animals

Animals have inherent value in their being as well as in their relation to human culture and research. We believe the welfare and humane treatment of animals should be maintained.


Respect for the Natural Environment

The natural environment is our common heritage and sustains all life. We recognize that the natural environment and the natural resources of the earth are more than a means to satisfy human ends. The safeguarding of biodiversity, ecosystems, and the beauty of the natural environment should always be considered for both the present time and in the interest of future generations.

Respect for the Public Good

We recognize that our individual and group activities occur in the context of social and institutional relationships. The “public good” is a collective good that should be taken into account along with individual interests. AllCells is committed to ensuring that this respect is embedded in the way we do business.

Benefit and Harm

We believe human activities have social, economic, and environmental impact. Human activities should promote good and avoid harm. At AllCells, LLC, we strive to create a positive impact in these areas and on the scientific research community as a whole.

Justice and Equity

We believe that the benefits and burdens resulting from biotechnological activity should be distributed equitably throughout society so that no particular group is inequitably advantaged or disadvantaged now or in the future.


We believe that our activities should be conducted honestly, truthfully, lawfully, impartially, competently, and with considered regard for transparency of process.


We recognize that individuals and institutions are inherently responsible for their actions and the justification, purpose, and consequences of any action should be taken into account when it is determined. We rely on our protocols, policies, and procedures. The principles noted here provide guidance for the application of ethical behavior in our work as members of the biotechnology community.