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AllCells Massachusetts LeukoLab Facility Celebrates Grand Opening Expansion to Support Rapid Industry Growth

ALAMEDA, Calif.Nov. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — AllCells, the industry leader in the procurement and customization of human-derived hematological tissues and services, has announced an expansion of its FDA-registered and IRB-approved LeukoLab collection facility in Quincy, Massachusetts. LeukoLab’s expansion will increase AllCells’ production capacity and footprint in response to growing industry requirements for cellular materials. The 5,700 square foot expansion will also significantly increase the collection of GMP-compliant and research-use products. AllCells provides clients with quality products, while LeukoLab provides recallable donors with the best experience throughout the donation process.

AllCells LeukoLab celebrate the grand opening of the Quincy facility with Mayor Thomas P. Koch

The LeukoLab expansion is one of many investments AllCells has made to support the future growth of the cell and gene therapy market by providing consistent, high-quality products backed by exceptional customer success and donor management services. In addition to the expansion in Massachusetts, AllCells’ FDA-registered and IRB-approved LeukoLab donor collection facilities are strategically located in California and Texas.

LeukoLab is a division of AllCells and oversees Donor Management, Donor Recruitment, and Donor Retention Services. In addition to a focus on a quality donor pool, LeukoLab also developed an in-house proprietary database known as DMS (Donor Management System). DMS provides AllCells clients with a targeted approach on specific donor requirements to get suitable donors for every project – every time.

“In the beginning, as the Founder of AllCells, I worked countless hours developing this commercial company and was also a donor by donating my bone marrow as the first product of AllCells. My personal experience as a donor is why our LeukoLab collection facilities focus on the donor experience. Today, we provide a complete solution to our customers from three strategic locations, so they can focus on their breakthrough technology,” said Dr. Jay Tong, Founder and Chairman.

Lauren Greene, Director of Donor Management, explains, “Here at AllCells, we have a donor pool that is really diverse, but our priority is a quality donor. We look for a donor who is reliable and recallable because we know that is what’s most important for our customers.”

One LeukoLab donor wrote a 5-star Google review describing their recent experience, “I’ve donated twice at LeukoLab up to this point, and both times the experience has been easy, straightforward, and really pleasant! All of the people at LeukoLab are super friendly, and they make sure you feel as comfortable as possible for the entirety of the donation. Highly recommend.”

About AllCells:
AllCells has earned its reputation as the industry leading supplier of high-quality human-derived hematological tissues for over two decades. Our state-of-the-art FDA-registered, fully accredited donor facilities and adjacent GMP-compliant cleanroom are optimized from beginning to end. Comprehensive process control and quality standards ensures cellular material is handled with expedience and expert care – from the time a donor enters AllCells’ collection facilities to the time you receive your order. Quality, consistency and flexibility to help global life science researchers and bio-manufacturing organizations in the development of novel therapies to revolutionize human health care.

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