Diseased Bone Marrow

Diseased Bone Marrow

Agonist antibody that induces human malignant cells to kill one another

Kyungmoo Yeaa , Hongkai Zhangb , Jia Xieb , Teresa M. Jonesb , Chih-Wei Linb , Walter Francesconic , Fulvia Bertond , Mohammad Fallahie , Karsten Sauerb,f, and Richard A. Lernerb

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, Contributed by Richard A. Lerner, September 25, 2015

An attractive, but as yet generally unrealized, approach to cancer therapy concerns discovering agents that change the state of differentiation of the cancer cells. Recently, we discovered a phenomenon that we call “receptor pleiotropism” in which agonist antibodies against known receptors induce cell fates that are very different from those induced by the natural agonist to the same receptor

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