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Whole Blood

Whole Blood

AllCells provides whole peripheral blood collected directly from the vein from healthy donors. In addition, components of hematopoietic cells including various lymphoid and myeloid cells, platelets, plasma, and stem/progenitor cells are also available.

Healthy Whole blood (WB) is anti-coagulated using heparin (catalog# notation "NH"), ACD:A (catalog# notation "ACD"), EDTA (catalog# notation "K2") or sodium citrate (catalog# notation "NC") per customer specification. Our standard anticoagulant is heparin (5 U/ml of WB). The volume of whole blood removed per donation may vary, but will not exceed 420 mL at any one time. Whole blood collection quantities are in volume increments of 60 mL up to a maximum of 420 mL however custom collections in increments of 10 ml are available upon request. Please contact us if smaller volumes are needed. WB can be collected in vacutainer tubes ("V" in catalog number), syringes, or transfer packs.

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Peripheral blood consists of the cellular components of blood; red blood cells (erythrocytes), white blood cells (lymphocytes, and platelets, which are found within the circulating pool of blood flowing throughout the body and not sequestered within the lymphatic system, spleen, liver, or bone marrow.

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