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Leuko Pak (Apheresis Collection)

AllCells Leuko Paks are highly-enriched leukapheresis-derived products obtained from our own IRB-approved collection facility. These products contain higher concentrations of mononuclear cells, B cells, T cells, stem/progenitor cells, dendritic cells, and other cell types as compared to standard venipuncture collection methods or buffy coat products. Leuko Pak products are produced on the Spectra Optia® Apheresis System.

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Normal peripheral blood mononuclear cells are collected from healthy donors in various collection sizes. For the Full Leuko Pak, approximately 3 blood volumes are processed using the apheresis machine and between 50 and 150mL of autologous plasma is collected at the same time as the mononuclear cells.

A healthy donor undergoes an apheresis procedure using the apheresis machines on two separate occasions. The same donor is reserved for a second apheresis procedure 6-8 weeks after the first. Each time, 1.5 blood volumes are processed and approximately 100mL of normal peripheral blood mononuclear cells and 50mL of autologous plasma are collected. Second Half Pak from same donor is optional.

AllCells has been a pioneer in the use of G-CSF (Granulocyte-Colony Stimulating Factor) stimulation in normal healthy donors since 1998. The protocols in use for our Mobilized Peripheral Blood (MPB) products have been approved by an IRB and are overseen by physicians. In addition AllCells offers Plerixafor (Mozobil®) or a combination of Plerixafor (Mozobil®) and Neupogen mobilization of stem cells from healthy donors. Mozobil, a selective CXCR4 antagonist, has been particularly beneficial as an adjuvant stem cell mobilization agent on top of the G-CSF regimen. The Mozobil regimen requires only 1 injection as opposed to the G-CSF 3-5 day protocol. For the Two-Day Mobilized Leuko Pak, a donor undergoes two apheresis procedures after G-CSF regimen is completed, resulting in 2 bags of cells.

AllCells also provides an option to obtain Bone Marrow (50 or 100mL), Whole Blood (up to 120mL), and a Full Leuko Pak from the same donor. Any and all combinations of these products are available. Certain restrictions may apply.

AllCells Leuko Paks have been helping researchers focus on their hematology and immunology-based results for over 17 years. Leuko Paks have replaced the more traditional method of using Buffy Coats to obtain human donor leukocytes for research. Click here to learn more.


  • Isolate large-scale dendritic cells

  • Profile and screen normal peripheral blood monocytes and lymphocytes

  • Study intercellular interactions by using the same-donor leukocytes directly or in culture

  • Study post stimulation affects of Neupogen (G-CSF) or Mozobil (Plerixafor) on general profiles and individual MNC phenotypes

  • Enriched CD34+ human stem cells for further culture studies

Donor Criteria

Click products below for specific donor criteria. All consents and protocols have been approved by an independent biomedical review board.