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AllCells can manufacture the following whole blood products:

Whole – Peripheral blood collected by venipuncture into tubes, syringes, or transfer bags. Standard anticoagulant choices are ACD:A, sodium citrate, sodium heparin, and EDTA type K2. Whole blood can also be collected into Streck DNA tubes and Paxgene DNA tubes. Please inquire if you like us to collect into other FDA approved tubes.

MNC – Mononuclear cells isolated from whole blood collected in vacutainer cell preparation tubes (CPT).

Plasma – Extracted from spinning down whole blood.

Serum – Extracted from whole blood collected in vacutainer serum separator tube (SST).

RBC – Isolated by filtration.

Buffy Coat – MNC layer collected from spinning down whole blood.

Eosinophils – Isolated by immunomagnetic microbeads.

Neutrophils – Isolated by immunomagnetic microbeads.

Whole Blood products are collected by venipuncture of healthy donors without further enrichment and thus have typical white blood cell (WBC) composition ranges. AllCells offers fresh or cryopreserved Whole Blood products collected in customer-selected or standard anticoagulants and in different tissue formats*: Whole Tissue, Mononuclear Cells (PBMCs), Subpopulations: Eosinophils and Neutrophils, Plasma and Serum.

*Cell type, cell selection method, and unit size (3-480mL) vary depending on tissue format.

Additional Search Terms: Whole blood, WB001-VK2, WB001-NH, eosinophils


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