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Peripheral Blood CD8+/CD45RA+ Naive Cytotoxic T Cells

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LP, CR, CD8+/CD45RA+, NS, 5MPB009-6FCryopreserved5 million 

LP, FR, CD8+/CD45RA+, NS, 5MPB009-6Fresh5 million 

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Donor Criteria

Age18-55 years old
Weight140-280 lbs
Screened before donation
  • HIV (HIV 1 & 2 Ab)
  • HBV (Surface Antigen HbsAg)
  • HCV (HCVAb)
Donation Frequency
  • Minimum 4 months between donations
  • Half Pak: 2x donations 6-12 weeks apart
Donors with any of the following will be excluded from donatingPregnancy
History of heart, lung, liver, or kidney disease
History of asthma
Blood and bleeding disorders including sickle cell disease
Neurologic disorders
Autoimmune disorders
Other CriteriaMust be in general good health
Must have adequate peripheral veins
Complete Blood Count lab test must meet protocol specs
Required to sign procedure-specific consent form



  • CAR T cell engineering
  • Chromium release and other CTL assays
  • Mixed Leukocyte Reaction (MLR)

To Study

  • Cell-mediated immunity (actiavation mechanisms, signaling pathways, and cytokine production)
  • Tumor-suppression of CTL function

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