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Diseased Cells & Tissue

AllCells has established a nationwide network of clinical collection sites to supply various types of disease cells for research use. These facilities supply clinically-relevant, peripheral blood and bone marrow aspirates with sample medical history for use in pre-clinical studies. We have amassed a cell repository of patient samples for your research needs.

All diseased cells and tissue products are obtained from volunteers participating in an Institutional Review Board (IRB) or Human Subject Committee approved donor program. Donors sign an informed consent from and are aware of the fact that these samples are used for research purposes only. Donors participating in these collections are over the age of 18.

A Clinical Report will be available for each diseased product. The report may include patient information such as age, gender, race, weight, height; classification of the disease and staging; and treatment history. The Clinical Report is a medical information of the patient and not all tests are performed at the time of the blood sample draw. Please note that all test results are not always concurrent or reflective of each other. Amount of data given per sample may vary.

A Certificate of Analysis is provided with the product information; this document details the cell number and the cell viability of the product vial. All diseased fresh tissue & cell products do not include viral test results as a standard release criteria prior to delivery. Frozen products are negative for Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and H IV I/II using antibody based testing.

In addition to standard disease catalog products, AllCells offers customized diseased tissue procurement services, and related cell processing & analysis according to your research project specifications. AllCells collaborates with an increasing number of IRB-approved clinical collection sites, specialized medical centers and healthcare groups to recruit the most qualified patient specimens sourced within the Unites States. Examples of bespoke diseased tissue/cell collection services may include (but are not limited to):

  • Whole blood, bone marrow, serum, plasma, MNCs, purified hematologic cells, urine, and skin lesion biopsy
  • Whole blood from patients with various types of hematologic cancers, solid tumor cancers, infectious, autoimmune, and other disease types
  • Collection volumes ranging from 10ml to 400ml depending on tissue type and disease type
  • Special collection conditions such as type of anticoagulant e.g. EDTA, sodium heparin, sodium citrate, SST, PST, and other specialized tubes may be available upon request
  • Patient’s current medical diagnostic stage, treatment stage, drug treatment, lab tests and clinical report
  • Control normal donor samples matched with age, gender, ethnicity; able to provide matching tissue and/or cell types from same donor

Most fresh tissue specimens can be delivered to USA destinations via FedEx over night and arrive within 24hrs from collection time. Note: All fresh samples do not include viral test results as standard release criteria prior to delivery unless otherwise specified. Frozen products include viral tests that are negative for Hep B, Hep C and HIV 1 & 2 . Frozen products can be shipped worldwide, and are available directly from AllCells or through one of our authorized Distributors. AllCells Tissue Procurement Team specializes in servicing your specific tissue/cell research project needs. Please fill out our custom form here or email us at to discuss your project criteria and learn more about our capabilities in this area.

AllCells offers disease tissue and cells from various hematology/oncology disorders as well as custom autoimmune disorders, infectious diseases, myelomas and lymphomas.

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