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Product Update Notification – Leukopaks Shipping at 2-8°C

Dear Valued Customer,

As a recent purchaser of our Research-Grade Leukopak product (RG LP), you may not be aware that AllCells is the leading provider for GMP Compliant Clinical-Grade Leukopak products (CG LP) that is used by our customers for further manufacturing of cutting edge cell therapy products. We maintain a high level of satisfaction from our CG customers, a testament to our commitment to quality and excellence.

As part of the advantage of choosing AllCells, we implement all the best practices and lessons learned from our Clinical-Grade (CG) experience to our Research-Grade product to bring to you the highest levels of quality and performance. One such lesson was initiated from the overwhelming request from our CG customers for shipping of their CG LPs at 2-8ºC instead of the traditional condition of controlled room temperature at 15-30ºC (CRT). To this end, we have conducted multi lot and multi faceted studies to compare the two shipping conditions and have determined that shipping at 2-8ºC is superior to CRT and improves product stability, matching the experience from our CG customers.

Based on these comprehensive studies, we have decided to implement shipping of all our research-grade, fresh, whole apheresis leukopak products at 2-8ºC in our quality-assured and temperature-controlled AeroSafe packaging beginning 22nd of June, 2020 at no additional shipping fee change. We will continue to provide the option of shipping at 15-30°C upon request.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: 

Call: (510) 726-2700 


We appreciate your business and look forward to serving all of your research needs.



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