HLA-Typed Tissue & Cells: Profiled Cells for Personalized Drug Discovery 

AllCells features a large repository of tissue/cells from HLA-Typed donors. Not all experiments are created equal and this is precisely why you deserve customized, profiled primary cells for your next project. Let us take care of the complicated tissue sourcing!  AllCells is one of the only providers offering pre-typed cells and tissue including HLA Leuko Paks. Learn more below.


In the development of cancer immunotherapies, vaccines, and autoimmune disease treatments, researchers are increasingly aware of the importance of host human leukocyte antigens (HLA) in understanding the complexity of immune responses. HLA allelic variants have distinct binding affinities for peptide antigens during the presentation, and thus regulate auto-antigen and pathogen-specific T cell activation. HLA polymorphisms have been correlated with disease risk, immune responses to infectious disease, as well as adverse responses to therapies. HLA-typing can be a valuable investment during early stage drug-development in human primary cells.