Primary Mononuclear Cells (MNC)
Immunophenotyping Panel for
AllCells Bone Marrow Products

Identify the subpopulations in your AllCells MNC products

Primary mononuclear cells (MNC) from human peripheral blood or bone marrow are preferred cells for running in-vitro assays as they provide more physiologically relevant data than cultured cell lines. Meanwhile, MNCs are also widely used for other purposes in drug discovery and cell therapy development. MNCs are heterogenous populations of cells dependent on tissue format and donors. Therefore, it is always beneficial to identify and quantify various subpopulations as well as map cell lineages in the primary MNCs. Immunophenotyping using flow cytometry is the most common method for identifying cells within complex populations, where fluorescent-conjugated monoclonal antibodies are used to
label cells by binding to functional membrane proteins or intracellular antigens. AllCells has qualified a panel of antibodies which can be used to identify major and rare subpopulations in AllCells peripheral blood MNC and bone marrow MNC products.

Immunophenotype Panel (Bone Marrow MNC)

PlatformMulti-color flow cytometry, 100,000 events collected
AnalytesCD34, CD33, CD38, CD71, CD14, CD19, 7AAD (viability)
InstrumentBD FACSAria IIu™
ControlsFluorescence Minus One (FMO
ReadoutsBivariate plots and % positive reported for each analyte and subpopulation
SubpopulationsHSC, HSC subsets, MDSC, rare erythroid progenitors, Myeloid Cells, Transitional B Cells
CV< 20% for CD34+, and < 10% for other biomarkers
Optional Marker
Substitutions (up to 2)
CD36, CD138, HLA-DR, CD105, CD90
Proprietary Customer Compounds (fluorophore conjugated or unconjugated)
Tissue TypesAllCells BM-MNC, Whole Bone Marrow

Sample Data for Bone Marrow MNC

AllCells BM-MNCs from 4 healthy donors were stained with the multicolor antibody panels in triplicate to determine precision of the assay in identifying % positive CD marker expression. Error bars are standard deviation of the 3 replicates for each donor.


Sample Data BM-MNC Immunophenotyping


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Product NamePrice/Unit
AllCellutions™ Bone Marrow Immunophenotyping$777

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