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AllCells is pleased to announce the expansion of our existing Bioservices line of flow cytometry services, stem cell assays, immunoassays, tissue culture services, protein analysis services and genotyping with three additional services:

Drug Discovery Services

AllCells Drug Discovery Bioservices can combine multiple cell-based assays to investigate the effects of novel compounds. Both single studies and ongoing projects can be accommodated based on research demand. Consult us for our in vitro, pre-clinical expertise. We have a complete repository of hematology, oncology, and autoimmune diseased cells to assist in validation of drug compounds. The following are examples of AllCells capabilities in cell-based assay development.

Cell Proliferation Assays:

  • Researchers looking to track the proliferative or cytotoxic effects of compound treatment on different cell types may use assays such as CFSE intensity, DNA-exclusion dyes, and Annexin-V binding.

Luminex (single, multiplex)

  • The Luminex Bead Array System allows for a high throughput, multi-target analysis of cytokines, proteins, and nucleic acids for researchers.

Visit our AllCells Drug Discovery Services webpage for additional information as well as case studies on our capabilities in cell-based assay development.

Device Validation Services

AllCells Bioservices can provide custom validation services for your device. These services can be combined with our core products and services which may include cell isolation, tissue culture, and our healthy/diseased cell repository.

Visit our Device Validation Services webpage for additional information as well as case studies on our custom device validation services.

Cell Sorting Services

AllCells Bioservices are available using Fluorescence-activated Cell Sorting (FACS) or immunomagnetic beads. Both techniques use antibodies which recognize cellular proteins. This specificity can be used to isolate targeted cell populations.

Fluorescence-activated Cell Sorting (FACS) analysis

  • Utilizes the principles of flow cytometry to identify populations of cells of interest.
  • We utilize top-of-the-line technology including the FACS Aria II®.

Immunomagnetic beads

  • Can be used to negatively or positively isolate cell populations by targeting surface proteins/markers.
  • AllCells Bioservices is able to perform custom isolations for all commercially-available antibody markers.

Visit our Cell Sorting Services webpage for additional information as well as case studies on cell sorting services.

Why use AllCells Services?

We are a team of scientists who share the same passion for research as you, making our services unique with a personal touch every step of the way.
  Unparalleled turn around time.
  Customizable services to meet all of your hematology based studies.To get started, complete our Project Request Form. We will contact you to discuss your project needs within 24 hours.

About AllCells, LLC is a global biotechnology company founded in 1998 to provide researchers with a reliable supply of biologically relevant, consistent quality primary cells and bioservices that enable the advancement of scientific research in the areas of cell biology, oncology, virology, hematology, infectious disease and stem cell research. Unlike cell lines, which are typically mutated, transformed or immortalized, primary cells retain their original phenotypes hence better reflect in vivo morphology, metabolism and growth characteristics. These attributes are especially important for in vitro research applications where in vivo-like models are critically important. By partnering with AllCells, investigators can dramatically reduce time needed to isolate cells with guaranteed consistency thereby improving the efficiency, accuracy and relevance of their research studies. Now, we also offer a line of Bioservices featuring Elisa immunoassays, hematopoietic assays, flow cytometry analysis, cell viability assays, protein analysis, and gDNA extraction. AllCells is fully certified in accordance with local, state and federal requirements.

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