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AllCells is excited to announce our new technical video on How To Isolate Mononuclear Cells w/ Ficoll Gradient, part of our BioTube series. Also be sure to Subscribe to Us!

About AllCells, LLC is a global biotechnology company founded in 1998 to provide researchers with a reliable supply of biologically relevant, consistent quality primary cells and bioservices that enable the advancement of scientific research in the areas of cell biology, oncology, virology, hematology, infectious disease and stem cell research. Unlike cell lines, which are typically mutated, transformed or immortalized, primary cells retain their original phenotypes hence better reflect in vivo morphology, metabolism and growth characteristics. These attributes are especially important for in vitro research applications where in vivo-like models are critically important. By partnering with AllCells, investigators can dramatically reduce time needed to isolate cells with guaranteed consistency thereby improving the efficiency, accuracy and relevance of their research studies. Now, we also offer a line of Bioservices featuring immunoassays, stem cell assays, flow cytometry services, tissue culture services, protein analysis, and genotyping. AllCells is fully certified in accordance with local, state and federal requirements.

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