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AllCells will be taking it’s annual price action effective August 1, 2018.  

In late 2017 AllCells installed a new data system that let us understand our costs better.  We wanted to use the new system for six months before taking any action, so we skipped our annual price increase in January.

As we’ve gathered information from the new system, we’ve revamped our pricing to ensure we are competitive, while making a fair profit.  In some cases we decreased prices and in others we increased prices. Many changes were small but in a few cases they were larger.

At the same time we have made the decision to stop publishing our prices on our website.  We found that competitors were using this information for their advantage, even though most of them didn’t publish their own prices.  

This pricing action was necessary to ensure that we can continue to provide our customers the highest quality products.  Our mission is to make scientific breakthroughs happen faster and easier. This pricing action will help to deliver on that mission.

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