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AllCells is committed to providing researchers with products and services in order to advance their scientific experiments.  As part of this mission, AllCells completed a collaboration with Amgen, the world’s largest biotechnology firm. This collaboration resulted in a successful research project which led to a poster presentation at the Novel Immunotherapeutics Summit in San Diego, CA from January 30-31th, 2014.

Amgen sought out AllCells for a steady supply of PAN T cells in order to screen compounds as part of the promising BiTE® anti-body-based immunotherapy. AllCells answered this call with our Leuko Pak as a perfect solution for their needs. With our large pool of donors able to provide donations on a consistent basis, we were able to fulfill the target number of cells that Amgen required.

During this process, AllCells identified preferred donors for the study by having several donors donate whole blood to allow for the screening of their cells prior to a Leuko Pak donation commitment. Afterwards we custom isolated PAN T cells in our own laboratories, aliquoted the cells into unit sizes as well as tested for certain markers per customer specifications before finally transferring them to Amgen.

This successful collaboration demonstrates that AllCells’ Whole Blood products allowed for a novel way for researchers to ‘screen’ donors before they actually donated a Leuko Pak. This ensured that donors did not use up their donation quotas. Additionally, the Whole Blood and Leuko Pak-derived cells behaved very similarly in experiments, proving to be a good pre-screening method. Finally, our large donor pool (2,000+ donors) as well as professionalism allowed AllCells to arrange for preferred donors to come back and donate repeatedly for a drawn-out study as well as fulfill the custom project in a reasonable amount of time.

To learn more about the research project, please see attached poster. Please contact AllCells if there is a custom project that you would like to discuss.

Amgen AllCells Poster



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