Immunoassays are a robust, high throughput method of detecting and quantifying specific protein, RNA and DNA analytes, within a complex, heterogeneous sample.  Sample sources include serum, tissue culture supernatants, and isolated DNA.  Using a Luminex 200-based platform, AllCells’ scientists can detect from 1 to 100 analytes in a single sample.  Our scientists can generate treated tissue culture supernatants from primary cells sourced from our neighboring donor site, or you can send us your own samples, comprised of serum, tissue culture supernatant or isolated DNA.

Our customers use Immunoassay Services for:

Pre-clinical evaluation of drug or biologic candidates in tissue culture systems is commonly used method to validate candidates for further animal studies and clinical development.  AllCells Bioservices’ Scientists can screen a clients’ drug/compound /biologic for effects on the following multiplex-based assays

Cytokine Release assay


T-cell activation assay
T helper cell differentiation


Custom Cytokine or chemokine production

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