Flow Cytometry Services

Flow cytometry is a fluidics and laser-based technology used to analyze and quantitate extracellular proteins, extracellular protein, and DNA singly or in combination on single cells in suspension.

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Pre-clinical evaluation of drug or biologic candidates in tissue culture systems is commonly used method to validate candidates for further animal studies and clinical development.  AllCells Bioservices  Scientists can screen a clients  drug/compound /biologic for effects on the following assays

Cell Viability and Apoptosis

Cell Cycle Analysis


T or B cell Proliferation

Chemotaxis (migration)



Fluorescence-activated Cell Sorting (FACS) utilizes the principles of flow cytometry to identify populations of cells of interest. Cells are electrically charged and sorted into highly purified populations. AllCells FACS flow cytometry services are capable of identifying and sorting cell populations using up to 11 colors.

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