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AllCells Leuko Pak vs Buffy Coat

AllCells Leuko Paks have been helping researchers focus on their hematology and immunology-based results for over 20 years. Leuko Paks have replaced the more traditional method of using Buffy Coats to obtain human donor leukocytes for research. View the table below for insights on these two very different sources.

Leuko Pak vs Buffy Coat: the difference is in the details.

Leuko PakBuffy Coat
  1. Collect whole blood through apheresis and sophisticated sensor separates desired components
  2. Mononuclear cells, platelets, and plasma are collected while Red Blood Cells and Neutrophils are returned to the donor
  1. Collect whole anticoagulated blood
  2. Centrifuge at low speed
  3. Collect layer of cells between plasma and erythrocytes
VolumeEach full pak 300ml (3 total blood volumes processed to obtain this amount)300ml – 500ml
Total # Mononuclear Cells>20B<1B
Mononuclear Cells>80% (highly enriched)30-50%
Red Blood Cells10-20%30-50%
FlexibilityAvailable in multiple pak sizes for customizable options for  your research and budget, from our own, on-site  IRB-approved collection facility with over 2000 donors on fileMax 500ml from each donor, usually purchased from off-site blood banks
Primary UsesLarge and small-scale experiments requiring high yield of mononuclear, B, T, stem/progenitor, dendritic cellsWhole blood collections prior to purification and isolation steps necessary for downstream applications
Related ProductsMobilized LPs (Neupogen and Mozobil regimens offered by AllCells)N/A
Ready for Application?Yes – ready to useNo – purification process(es) must first be applied


In summary the Leuko Pak enables more experiments with a single product and saves time by eliminating the need for collection, isolation, and culturing of cells. Researchers may also minimize inter- and intra- assay variability in addition to donor variability by utilizing AllCells Leuko Paks. Ask about our custom pak sizes, combo paks (matched donor whole blood, bone marrow, and Leuko Paks) and custom collections for your research needs today!

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Buffy Coat Leukapheresis and Leuko Paks