Our Promise

All the Right Cells.

Great results start with the right cells. AllCells excels at sourcing high viability, high purity hematology and immunology cells from our adjacent blood and marrow tissue collection facilities. Not all experiments are created equal therefore the ‘right cells’ vary from customer to customer, donor to donor and project to project. With immediate access to multiple donor pools, the ability to isolate specific cell types and /or specific donors from several tissues, and the capability of running client-designed assays on fresh cells, AllCells is the right primary cells partner for your experiment. And we have been delivering the ‘right cells’ to researchers around the world for over 18 years. Just leave the cells to us!

All the Time.

Great results depend on the right cells all the time and at the right time. You can trust AllCells to provide a consistent product each time you order from us and we are willing to stand behind that promise. With our on-site blood and marrow donor facilities we can provide weekend collections to ensure our researchers receive the right cells at the right time they may require them for their experiments. In addition AllCells partners with global distributors to ensure the international community has the same access to our products and services. We believe researchers shouldn’t have to plan their experiments around a supplier’s schedule. We stand by to serve you all the time!

All Ways Guaranteed.

The AllCells AAA Guarantee

Not all experiments are created equal. That is why AllCells prides itself as the industry-leading, customized hematology/immunology provider of human primary cells. Whether you are ordering an AllCells catalog product, customized product, or running AllCells Bioservices on our cells, you can rest assured that your primary cells investment is guaranteed. The AllCells AAA Guarantee covers all the different ways you may customize your order with us. Always. We guarantee the following:

The AllCells AAA Guarantee protects your primary cells investment by:

  1. Always guaranteeing cell viability and quantity meet its product specifications.
  2. Always guaranteeing cell purity meets its product specification.
  3. Always guaranteeing customized orders are delivered as promised and specified by customers.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to…

Add value to our customers’ research and clinical development efforts by delivering the highest quality hematology and immunology cell-based products and bioservices, providing excellent service, serving as a vital supplier enabling our customers to advance their life science projects, ultimately improving human health.

Our Vision is to…

  • Better adapt to changing market trends to meet our customers’ special needs.
  • Increase operational efficiency, global brand visibility, and profitable revenue growth.
  • Make this possible by delivering service excellence, strengthen core competencies, and providing a rewarding work environment for our employees.
  • Provide superior quality products and services for life science research and clinical applications, improving human health.

Our Expertise

Research Products

Healthy Hematopoietic/Immunological Primary Cells


Our core capabilities span custom hematologic tissue procurement through AllCells’ clinical division, Leukolab, custom cell isolation manufacturing, cell biology characterization, and even custom delivery — when cells simply must arrive at your lab on that special day.  We’re pleased to announce that AllCells now offers weekend Whole Bone Marrow, and Leuko Pak collections as customized products, enabling Monday morning delivery in most cases.  Providing service excellence is fundamental to AllCells culture, and we invite you to challenge our team with your customized primary cell project requirements!

AllCells serves as a reliable provider of more than 150 primary cell types from normal and disease-state tissues. Cell types include stem cells (progenitor, CD34+, etc.), hematopoietic, human hematologic disease, endothelial, dendritic, dental pulp cells, and many others.  Unlike cell lines which are typically mutated, transformed or immortalized, primary cells retain their original phenotypes and hence better reflect in vivo morphology, metabolism and growth characteristics. These attributes are especially important for in vitro research applications where in vivo-like models are critically important to the research.

Researchers depend on AllCells products to advance their scientific research in the fields of cell biology, oncology, virology, hematology, immunology, infectious disease and stem cell research.  Our human & animal primary cell products have research applications in a variety of life science market segments including drug discovery, toxicity testing, cell therapy, regenerative medicine, personalized medicine, metabolomics and others.  We are a global provider to academic and industrial research laboratories, government institutions, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and diagnostic companies throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Japan.


To further support your research needs we continue to add many capabilities within our AllCellutions part of our business.  For customers who are looking to utilize expertise with specific cell-based services performed on our freshly-sourced cells, AllCellutions provides a complete primary cells package from donors to data. Our current offerings include CD34 Enumeration, Immunophenotyping, and/or development of other cell-based assays. Please contact us at 1-888-535-3444 or click here to learn more about how AllCells can add value to your specific application.

Clinical Grade Products

We recently announced registration of our Alameda, CA facilities with the US-FDA enabling the company to immediately provide clinical grade products to customers developing cell therapies for regenerative medicine and immunotherapy. AllCells CliniCells® Product Line features standard pack sizes of Clinical Grade Fresh Whole Bone Marrow. In the coming months, AllCells will offer standard pack sizes of Clinical Grade Fresh Leuko Pak products. Customization of these products will be possible depending upon the customer’s specific requirements such as donor profile, screening, qualification, and processing criteria.

AllCells CliniCells® products are suitable for therapeutic applications and intended for further processing into allogeneic cell therapies. These clinical grade products serve as a rich source of adult human bone marrow stem cells such as CD34+ hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells (HSPCs) capable of differentiating into various mature blood cell types, and mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) found in bone marrow which are capable of differentiating into different tissues such as cartilage, bone, or fat.  Clinical Grade Fresh Leuko Pak products are highly enriched leukapheresis derived products which contain high concentrations of HSPCs, B cells, NK cells, Monocytes, and T-cells for possible immunotherapy applications.

Learn more here.

Our Facilities


Thanks to your ongoing support, in 2013 AllCells successfully completed the expansion, relocation, and consolidation of its operations to Alameda, CA.  We dramatically increased our production capacity to handle your large primary cell projects going forward. The contiguous placement of our Tissue Collection Facility, Leukolab, with cell manufacturing, packaging & shipping, and administrative functions now provides for an unprecedented, optimal work-flow, vital for consistently delivering a high level of quality assurance. More than ever, we’re eager to learn how AllCells can serve as a vital partner in helping fulfill your research project goals & objectives.

Bay Area, California — Located in the Harbor Bay Business Park in sunny Alameda, CA, AllCells headquarters and production facility comprises approximately 30,000 square feet of space. The building includes an IRB-approved, tissue collection facility, production laboratories, and offices.

Boston, Massachusetts — Opening in January of 2017 and located in the metropolitan Boston area, AllCells-Quincy significantly expands the company’s total production capacity to serve a growing market demand for its products, initially focusing on manufacturing fresh hematologic tissue such as Whole Bone Marrow, Leukapheresis products (Leuko Paks), and Whole Peripheral Blood sourced from qualified, clinically healthy human donors.

LeukoLab – Tissue Collection Facilities

LeukoLab Alameda Team

AllCells/LeukoLab Massachusetts Facility

AllCells, LLC has operated LeukoLab, its own private tissue collection facility, under IRB-approved protocols since 2007, following a 10-year partnership with a local community hospital. The facility employs a staff of registered nurses each with over 18 years of blood collection experience from healthy donors. A licensed physician, board certified in the specialties of hematology and oncology, is the medical director and principal investigator for all healthy donor related cell collection studies. Opening in January 2017, AllCells-Boston will have their own LeukoLab collection facility to serve our East Coast customers and donors. AllCells is committed to making the safety and well-being of their donors top priority. Participating donors receive safe and attentive care guided by community standards, the FDA, and the California State Department of Health regulations for blood product donation. Donor identity is rigorously protected observing federally-recognized standards. All staff members are experienced and compliant regarding the protection of human research subject health information and privacy issues per the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) Privacy and Security Rules.Having our own tissue collection facilities allows us to customize a variety of project variables including protocols, techniques, equipment, donor characteristics, and delivery:custom_leukolab


Matched Sample Collection

In addition to capabilities illustrated above, AllCells has the ability to collect multiple types of tissues from the same donor on the same day. Various combinations of product types can be mixed and matched including Bone Marrow, Whole Blood, and Apheresis. Certain restrictions apply and 3-4 weeks advance notice is required.

Multiple Donor Collection

AllCells Tissue Collection Facility is capable of collecting same tissue types from multiple donors on the same day of collection (Bone Marrow, Whole Blood, Leuko Pak). Certain restrictions apply and 3-4 weeks advance notice is required.Begin your custom project with us today and let us take care of you with the right cells and service. Start here.