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Our History

Founded in 1998, AllCells is a biotechnology company dedicated to providing global researchers and biomanufacturing organizations with a dependable supply of biologically relevant, high quality primary cells that enable drug discovery, development, and manufacturing of cell therapies. Leveraging its expertise in hematology and immunology cell isolations, combined with on-site whole blood and bone marrow tissue collection operations, AllCells maintains direct access to a large repository of diverse donor profiles that can be further screened and qualified for biomedical applications. Utilizing its contiguous cell processing facilities, freshly collected tissue is immediately processed into purified cell types with unparalleled quality consistency. This optimal work-flow provides for the highest viability, purity, and cell count available. Fresh or frozen cells are shipped worldwide, or fresh cells can be immediately utilized in fee-for-service cell-based assays – delivering cell culture results/data to meet client project timelines.

AllCells is grateful to our customers for their support over the past 19 years! We have grown by adapting to changing market trends to ensure we are anticipating and enhancing our offerings to our customers around the world. We are pleased to continue fulfilling your special requirements and look forward to working with you in the future!

The story of AllCells begins with our Founder and President, Dr. Jay Tong. After completing his training as a hematologist, Dr. Tong began a career as a research scientist in the early 90’s. While working at Novartis Systemics, he noticed a common pain-point amongst his peers: how to get starting materials for their projects? Many of them resorted to donating themselves or asking friends and family. Even with these substitutes they were never sure if they could get enough samples by the end of the day for their experiments. “Why is this such a frustrating process? Are there any commercial entities to help?” thought Dr. Tong. Before the time of internet searches, Dr. Tong asked around from colleagues and determining that no commercial sources existed, decided to do it himself. Read the full story here.


All the Right Cells.

Great results start with the right cells:

  • Broad catalog covering multiple cell types within hematology/immunology
  • Unsurpassed flexibility and customizability
  • Ability to run client-designed assays on fresh cells

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All the Time.

Great results depend on the right cells, all the time:

  • On-site blood and marrow tissue collection facilities ensure immediate access to our donor pool
  • On-time delivery based on customer’s research schedule
  • Around the world service through global distributors

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All Ways Guaranteed.

The AllCells AAA Guarantee covers all the different ways you may customize your order with us by:

  • Always guaranteeing cell viability and quantity meet its product specifications
  • Always guaranteeing cell purity meets it’s product specification
  • Always guaranteeing customized orders are delivered as promised and specified by customers

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We love feedback from our customers! If our products/services have helped your experiments please share your story with us and let us know how we can better serve your needs in the future.

The T-cells are highly viable and perform the same as freshly isolated. The T-cells work well in primary assays. Also, you will get at least as much or more than stated on the vial.

- A. Tibolla, Scientist at Pharmaceutical Company
Quick answers back from customer support and willingness to answer questions about new products we are interested in purchasing. Good quality product (always receive more than the min cells expected per vial) and quick turnaround time.

- Chrystal Chadwick, GE Global Research
We were worried about getting a low white blood cell count after processing, making the price pr million cells very high. However, we were pleasantly surprised that the post-processing cell count was higher than expected. We are very pleased with the good service we get from the people at AllCells. They are very accommodating and helpful, and have a quick response time. AllCells provides good quality products and excellent customer service.

- Johanne Vestbostad, UCSF
Human donors recruited through the clinical division of AllCells, LLC participated in a study involving the validation of the Spectra Optia® system for mononuclear cell (MNC) collection. The Spectra Optia ® system is a next-generation apheresis platform developed by Terumo BCT. The data generated from the study was submitted by Terumo BCT to the FDA in connection with the "510(k) clearance" and the release for commercial sale of this new apheresis technology within the USA.

- Terumo BCT
I have ordered the comprehensive RNA from AllCells, isolated from CD19+ B-cells. The product was of the highest quality, as assessed by the Agilent Bioanalyzer and was successfully used for qRT-PCR. I have also purchased a custom based order of cRNA and also DNA matched to the same 3 donors. The product was extremely competitively priced and shipped within 2 weeks of payment.

- Rachel Culpin, Newcastle University, United Kingdom