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Stem/Progenitor Cells

Stem Cells

AllCells offers numerous types of Stem/Progenitor Cells. Our CD34+ cells are positively selected using an immunomagnetic CD34 MicroBead labeling system. By using our online catalog, you can find CD34+, CD133+ and CD36+ cells isolated from a variety of tissue sources. See below for our entire inventory of cell types and buy stem cells for your research today!

Tissue types:

  • Human cells
    • Healthy/Normal
      • Bone marrow – CD34+, CD133+, CD36+
      • Peripheral blood – CD34+
      • Mobilized peripheral blood – CD34+, CD133+, CD36+
      • Cord blood – CD34+, CD133+, CD36+
      • Fetal liver – CD34+, CD133+, CD36+
  • Diseased cells
    • Leukemia
      • Acute Myeloid Leukemia – CD34+
      • Chronic Myeloid Leukemia – CD34+
  • Non-Human Primate cells
    • Bone marrow – CD34+


Hematopoietic stem cells or progenitor cells are multipotent stem cells that give rise to all the blood cell types from the myeloid (monocytes, macrophages, neutrophils, basophils, eosinophils, megakaryocytes, dendritic cells) and lymphoid (T cells, B cells, NK cells) lineages. Human stem cells are defined by their ability to replenish all cell types and their ability to self-renew.


  • Facilitate colony-forming and stem cell toxicity assays
  • Research in vitro stem cell cloning
  • Study of hematopoiesis and disease pathways
  • Study expansion, lineage generation, and transplantation potentials
  • Homology of CD34+ cells between humans and non-human primates
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Stem/Progenitor Cells

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Tissue Type



  Catalog # Format Name Size Price Qty.
ASC001F Frozen Frozen Adipose Tissue-Derived Adult Stem Cells, Single Donor, Passage 3, 1 million/vial 1 million $596/vial
CB005F-S Frozen Frozen CB CD34+ Cells (Single) 0.5 million/vial 0.5 million/vial $966/vial
CML-BM008-2F Frozen Frozen CML BM CD34+ Cells(Chronic Phase), 1 million/vial 1 million/vial $4980/vial
CML-BM008-1F Frozen Frozen CML BM CD34+ Cells(Chronic Phase), 0.2 million/vial 0.2 million/vial $1470/vial
CB005F Frozen Frozen CB CD34+ Cells (Mixed), 0.5 million/vial 0.5 million/vial $747/vial
ABM022F Frozen Frozen BM CD34+ Cells, 0.5 million 0.5 million $578
ABM021F Frozen Frozen BM CD34+ Cells, 0.3 million 0.3 million $404
ABM015F Frozen Frozen BM CD34+ Cells, 0.1 million 0.1 million $237
ABM011 Fresh Fresh BM CD34+ Cells, .5 million 0.5 million $682
ABM010 Fresh Fresh BM CD34+ Cells, .3 million 0.3 million $446

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