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Mononuclear Cells

Mononuclear Cells

AllCells features the isolation of peripheral blood mononuclear cells from normal and diseased donor samples. In addition we offer human mononuclear cells from a variety of other tissues. See below for our entire inventory of mononuclear cells tissue types.

AllCells mononuclear products are highly purified, containing a more pure population of mononuclear cells when compared to buffy coat. These cells can be used for further isolations of specific cell types found in the mononuclear cell population.

Tissue types:

  • Human cells
    • Healthy/Normal
      • Bone marrow
      • Peripheral blood
      • Mobilized peripheral blood
      • Cord blood mononuclear cells
  • Diseased cells
    • Oncology
      • Leukemia
      • Multiple Myeloma
      • Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
    • Auotimmune
      • Lupus (SLE)
      • Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)
      • Psoriasis
      • Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
      • Type I Diabetes
      • Type II Diabetes
  • Non-Human Primate cells
    • Peripheral blood
    • Bone marrow


MNC is the abbreviated name for a collective of cells called ‘mononuclear cells’. Mononuclear cells (MNC’s) contain lymphocytes and antigen-presenting cells such as monocytes and dendritic cells. MNC’s do not contain red blood cells and polymorphonuclear cells (PMN), i.e. granulocytes. The notable characteristic of a mononuclear cell is a prominent and round nucleus, whereas red blood cells are enucleated and granulocytes have multi-lobed nuclei. MNC’s are popular among immunological research due to their significant involvement in the humoral, secondary, and memory aspects of the immune system. MNC’s are also valuable in cancer research of lymphoid leukemia and lymphoma.

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Mononuclear Cells

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Tissue Type



  Catalog # Format Name Size Price Qty.
GTR-WB001F Frozen Frozen Graves Thyroid Disease WB MNC, 10 million/vial 10 million/vial $540/vial
HTR-WB001F Frozen Frozen Hashimoto's thyroiditis WB MNC, 10 million/vial 10 million/vial $540/vial
UC-PB001F Frozen Frozen Ulcerative Colitis PB MNC, 10 million/vial 10 million/vial $540/vial
CRO-PB001F Frozen Frozen Crohn's Disease WB MNC, 10 million/vial 10 million/vial $540/vial
MDS-BM001F Frozen Frozen MDS BM MNC (Newly Diagnosed / Untreated), 10 million/vial 10 million/vial $1023/vial
OA-PB001F Frozen Frozen Osteoarthritis WB MNC, 10 million/vial 10 million/vial $540/vial
MS-PB001F Frozen Frozen Multiple Sclerosis WB MNC, 10 million/vial 10 million/vial $540/vial
PSO-PB001F Frozen Frozen Psoriasis WB MNC, 10 million/vial 10 million/vial $540/vial
DIA2-PB001F Frozen Frozen Type II Diabetes WB MNC, 10 million/vial 10 million/vial $540/vial
DIA1-PB001F Frozen Frozen Type I Diabetes WB MNC, 10 million/vial 10 million/vial $540/vial

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