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Work where your vision and expertise will be recognized and rewarded. We are looking for exceptionally intelligent, talented and enthusiastic individuals to join our fast growing team. If you have a track record of outstanding accomplishments, we'd like you to get in touch with us. We stand behind the quality, versatility, and reliability of our products and services, and we stand behind our team! AllCells offers a competitive salary and benefits package. Please send your resume to and include the job title in the subject line. AllCells, LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Please review job description and requirements before applying.

  1. Regional Sales Manager – East Coast
  2. Senior Director/Vice President of Operations
  3. Licensed Vocational Nurse (part time, weekends morning)
  4. Research Associate or Sr. Research Associate
  5. Donor Recruiting Manager

Job Code: SA-AM04

Job Title: Regional Sales Manager – East Coast

Job Description:
The Regional Account Manager is directly responsible for achieving their territory sales growth within the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Vaccine, and Academic R&D market segments. Primary responsibilities include expanding the company’s customer base, developing and creating new business opportunities by promoting customized project capabilities, and working strategically with a cross-functional team to further develop market opportunities. The Account Manager will actively seek to convert competitive business in the territory leading to increased revenues for the company. The position is to be based in Boston, MA or vicinity.
  1. Develop Territorial Business Plan to achieve sales goals inclusive of influencing territorial luminaries via new products/applications positioning.
  2. Develop and maintain adequate short/long term sales pipeline to consistently generate profitable revenue.
  3. Achieve revenue goals by growing existing customer base and converting competitive accounts.
  4. Work strategically with Marketing and Product Management to build growth business plans around Strategic Accounts.
  5. Ensure all Price Requests are renewed as appropriate.
  6. Build team relationships with other Sales, Service, and Technical Support Associates to maximize sales revenues while promoting opportunities, harmony, and territorial management.
  7. Perform other related duties and assignments as required.

Qualifications include a B.S. in life science discipline: Ph.D. a plus. Three or more years of successful sales experience in life science research products are expected, selling into Biotechnology and Biopharmaceutical accounts. Other complementary skills include laboratory experience.

  1. Previous sales experience in biotechnology and pharmaceutical settings
  2. Familiar with human primary cells, stem cells, life science research, drug screening, cell-based assay, hematology and/or flow cytometry.
  3. Effective meeting, training, and presentation skills.
  4. Has “spin selling” training in previous job is preferred.
  5. Experience managing both internal and external budgets and resources, conducting pre-call planning, and ability to prioritize and segment accounts
  6. Effective interpersonal skills
  7. Effective written and oral communications skills
  8. Effective organization and planning skills
  9. Effective selling and negotiation skills
  10. Effective decision making/problem solving skills
  11. Effective computer skills, i.e., Email system, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc


B.S. in life science discipline. Advanced degree is a plus e.g. M.S. or Ph.D.

Job Category:

Sales & Marketing


Boston, Massachusetts

AllCells, LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Job Code:EX-OPS-09/EX-OPS-11

Job Title:Senior Director/Vice President of Operations

Job Description:
Reporting to the President/CEO, the Senior Director/Vice President of Operations will lead operational teams to ensure efficient and productive daily operations covering human tissue collection through manufacturing and delivery of biological products and services to meet the increasing needs of customers in research and preclinical markets. As an executive member, this candidate will participate in the decision making process regarding the company’s strategic planning and execution.
  1. Lead operational teams to ensure catalog and customized product orders are manufactured and delivered on-time according to customer requirements.
  2. Manage Bioservices team to ensure service projects are completed on-time according to customer project criteria .
  3. Work with operational and commercial staff in developing operational plans to enable continued business growth.
  4. Effectively communicate priorities, issues, and operational plans across all levels of organization; lead resolution of operational issues/problems to meet company objectives.
  5. Together with management team, ensure operational procedures & practices comply with State and Federal regulatory requirements.
  6. Evaluate manufacturing processes and operational work-flow, establish performance metrics, and lead lean manufacturing efforts to maximize efficiency, quality and capacity utilization.
  7. Develop methodology and framework for operations staff to embrace and utilize Lean Manufacturing principals.
  8. Maintain knowledge of process development and scale-up of manufacturing processes.
  9. Provide overall leadership in operations, set aggressive objectives on annual basis.
  10. Set performance standards, conduct performance appraisals, and facilitate employee development.
  11. Participate in regulatory and customer compliance audits, as required .
  12. Provide input into developing annual operating plans, manage budgets for different cost centers, as approved .
  13. Serve as a key member of senior management team, influence direction, and facilitate execution of directives according to company strategy, goals and objectives.
  1. Over 10 years of life science industry experience in the areas of manufacturing, or operations management.
  2. Proven track record and thorough understanding of lean manufacturing practices .
  3. Broad understanding of primary cell product manufacturing and service development relating to required task duration, project prioritization, and budget management.
  4. Strong management skills, experience facilitating and managing team dynamics.
  5. Mastery level expertise with planning and resource forecasting tools.

Bachelor Degree in Science (minimum) required. Ph.D. or graduate degree, and excellent training in cell biology, immunology, molecular biology are preferred

Accreditation or certification in Lean Manufacturing principals is preferred


Alameda, California



AllCells, LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Job Code:CD-LVN-01

Job Title:Licensed Vocational Nurse (part time, weekends morning)

Job Description:
Under the supervision of the Clinical Operations Manager and Senior Clinic Nurse(s). Personnel staff member assigned to Leukolab as a Licensed Vocational Nurse. Responsible for blood collection, donor recruitment & retention, medical histories, venipuncture apheresis, bone marrow and if needed overseeing other non-licensed staff. Perform venipuncture and apheresis techniques; manage donor reactions and treatments along with consulting with Leukolab Senior Clinic Nurse(s) or co-workers. Maintain safety and cleanliness of the Donor Center. Works independently and consult with coworkers in a professional manner as needed.
  • Clinical Skills
    • A. Maintain current knowledge of donation criteria and evaluation of all donors accordingly.
      1. Participates in establishing Leukolab policies regarding donor selection criteria.
      2. Evaluates donors according to current IRB policies
      3. Performs phone and in-person screening for potential donors, draws blood for viral testing, checks donors’ lab test results, maintains donor database up-to-date
      4. Documents donor information and results according to current established policies and procedures, documents vital signs and assessments on the confidential medical charts/consents using clinical judgment.
      5. Reports concerns to the Clinical Operations Manager or Senior Clinic Nurse(s).
      6. Works independently as an LVN but consult with Sr. Clinic Nurse or co-workers as needed.
      7. Maintains donor confidentiality with HIPPA regulations.
    • B. Performs blood drawing according to established protocol.
      1. Properly prepares arm for venipuncture.
      2. Completes venipuncture in skilled manner; consults with Senior Clinic Nurse(s)/co-workers if troubleshooting needed.
      3. Labels bags and tubes accurately following Leukolab required standard operating procedures along with donor unit identification numbers.
      4. Evaluates donor’s condition throughout the donation process and release donor when appropriate.
      5. Documents donation details on medical history charts.
    • C. Perform Apheresis and assist with Bone Marrow collections according to established protocol.
      1. Evaluates donor’s potential to complete apheresis. Educate donors regarding procedure and precautions if needed.
      2. Operates and trouble shoots the Cobe Spectra machine according to established protocol.
      3. Works well with co-workers for successful apheresis activities.
      4. Continually monitors donor’s condition during apheresis process and releases donor as appropriate.
      5. Deals with adverse donor reactions appropriately.
      6. Ensures sterility of equipment during procedure.
      7. Has knowledge and competency with sterile technique.
      8. Documents legible donation details on medical chart and other pertinent records.
      9. Labels all products and tubes with donor identification unit numbers.
      10. Triage/ assess circumstances for handling mild, moderate, and severe reactions or emergency situations.
      11. Performs in-house phlebotomy for lab draws documenting labels for tubes and logs.
      12. Communicates inappropriate draws/tube errors immediately to the Clinical Senior Nurse(s) for corrective action and follows through and re-training if needed.
      13. Completes adverse event & protocol deviation report when appropriate.
  • Professionalism
    • A. Assumes responsibility for own professional development and practice required at the Leukolab.
      1. Actively elicits ongoing feedback regarding performance and communication style.
      2. Initiate and participate in own annual evaluation.
      3. Actively recruits whole blood, bone marrow and apheresis donors and phone screening.
      4. Maintains refreshment area and stocking cabinets as needed.
      5. Performs other department duties such as administrative needs, answering phones, filing, etc.
      6. Is willing to be cross-trained to work and be flexible with all work areas and needs at the Leukolab for successful operations.
      7. Is able to perform all duties and assigned tasks, projects and validations.
      8. Works independently covering low staffing at Leukolab and works closely with administrative help as needed to cover staff.
      9. Uses proper body mechanics for loading lifting and stocking all supplies safely.
      10. Performs administrative duties as needed for administrative at Leukolab and AllCells.
      11. Becomes familiar with all LL policies, consents and protocols for collections.
      12. Has experience with EMR software and ability to learn new software.
    • B. Demonstrate a professional commitment to donors and other departmental staff.
      1. Utilizes established system to document reportable incidents and give results to Clinical Senior Nurse(s).
      2. Maintains flexibility in relation to work assignment and work schedule.
      3. Maintains leadership skills and professional mentoring while educating donors.
      4. Helps train and orientate new or volunteer staff.
    • C. Comply with and supports work-related policies at Leukolab.
      1. Starts work at scheduled time and completes work on time.
      2. Follows guidelines on use of such leave and other benefit times.
      3. Maintains flexible work schedule to accommodate center.
      4. Maintains safe work environment by keeping work stations clean and organized.
      5. Complies with Leukolab Policy pertaining to proper dress code, wears scrubs. Complies with flat closed toe shoes, no platforms or heels.
      6. Avoids wearing heavy perfumes to work.
      7. Maintains professional duties as an LVN.
      8. Maintains LVN license renewal with active CEU’s for licensure.
      9. Maintains annual CPR certification and annual review requirements.
      10. Computer proficient for database usage.
  1. Current licensure as a licensed vocational nurse in the State of California
  2. Minimum of 3 years related experience
  3. Licensed Vocational Nurse and three years recent experience in blood collections/apheresis programs
  4. Phlebotomy license
  5. Three years of experience working with population served in nursing capacity.
  6. Associate degree or higher college degree in nursing or related field or state certificate.
  7. Must have excellent communication skills, both written and spoken English
  8. Strong customer service orientation
  9. Knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook required; willingness to learn additional job-relevant software, as required
  10. Must possess excellent organizational skills, and be extremely thorough and self-motivated
  11. Must be able to complete job tasks accurately and in a timely manner
  12. Able to multi-task, work independently and manage multiple priorities
  13. Proven ability to handle high volume workload in a calm and constructive manner.
  14. Must accept instruction with open, cooperative, positive, and team-oriented attitude.
  15. Demonstrates effective use of verbal and non-verbal communication skills to achieve intended outcomes from interactions.
  16. Models a style of communication that fosters effective cooperation among staff, donors, physicians, AllCells and other services.
  17. Maintains open communications with the Senior Clinic Nurse(s) to provide support, elicit feedback, and assist if applicable in problems.

Alameda, California

AllCells, LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Job Code:LA-RES-01 or LA-RES-02

Job Title:Research Associate or Sr. Research Associate

Job Description:
This position is primarily responsible for (1) executing a 4-year consortium project funded by New York State Stem Cell Science (NYSTEM) for ex vivo expansion of cord blood hematopoietic stem cells; (2) exploring any new independent or consortium projects in the field of hematology & immunology that can be funded through government grants; and (3) validating any Intellectual Property (IP) protected license-in opportunities in the field of hematology & immunology, which may lead to the development of new products or services for clinical applications.
Core duties and responsibilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned. This position has no supervisory responsibilities.
  • Administrative (30%)
      1.Prepares reports and recommendations based upon research outcomes.
      2.Shares research findings by writing scientific reports and by giving research presentations.
  • Laboratory (70%)
      1. Develop a culture system that can achieve significant ex vivo expansion of cord blood hematopoietic stem cells, and a freezing system that can preserve and maintain the expanded hematopoietic stem cell properties through freezing process.
      2. Focusing on hematology and immunology, explore new project opportunities that can be funded by local or federal government grants.
      3. Validate any Intellectual Property (IP) license-in opportunities in the field of hematology & immunology which may lead to the development of new products or services for clinical applications.
      4. Assist in project planning, allocation of resources in alignment with project portfolio priorities, and integrating project reporting.
Master’s Degree (M.S.) in Hematopoietic Stem Cell Biology, Immunology, Chemistry or related field; or Bachelor’s Degree (B.S.) in Biology, Immunology Chemistry or related field with more than 5 years related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience.

Bachelor’s Degree or Master Degree preferred


Alameda, California

AllCells, LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Job Code: CD-DRN-04

Job Title: Donor Recruiting Manager

Job Description:
Reporting to the Clinical Operations Manager, the main responsibilities of the Donor Recruiting Manager is to lead and facilitate donor recruitment initiatives, retention, scheduling, and database management of donor appointments in a very busy blood and bone marrow collection facility. The job requires precise attention to detail along with good computer, organizational and time management skills. Required to interact with donors and key staff/departments (e.g. medical staff, production dept., and commercial team), provide information in response to a product or service inquiry and handle/resolve issues or complaints.
  1. Identify and apply appropriate methods to ensure adequate donor pool to meet weekly and monthly collection goals.
  2. Coordinate activities with appropriate tissue collections personnel to ensure a positive donor experience and smooth, efficient operations.
  3. Contact prospective donors to explain requirements and benefits of participating in blood donor program.
  4. Monitor and respond to donor inquiries by email.
  5. Manage donor specific calendars.
  6. Follow up with potential new donors and returning donors by phone and email.
  7. Schedule screening appointments for new and returning donors.
  8. Initiate and update donor databases (EMR and E2) with accurate donor information.
  9. Work closely with Clinical Operations Manager on appropriate eligibility and qualifying of new and returning donors.
  10. Track expiration dates on donor viral panels.
  11. Maintain accurate records to provide tracking and statistical data on donor recruitment and retention program.
  12. Identify, develop, and lead implementation of creative strategies to attract potential donors for blood and bone marrow collection orders.
  13. Visit prospective donor groups to discuss blood and bone marrow donation program.
  14. Perform other related duties as necessary.
  1. Bachelor’s degree in life science or medical related field preferred with minimum of 3 years related experience, previous experience working with a blood bank is a plus.
  2. Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  3. Strong customer service orientation.
  4. Knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook required; willingness to learn additional job-relevant software, as required.
  5. Must be able to complete job tasks accurately and in a timely manner
  6. Able to multi-task, work independently and manage multiple priorities
  7. Good organizational skills and ability to handle multiple priorities effectively are required.
  8. Strong phone etiquette and professional demeanor
  9. Must accept instruction with open, cooperative, positive, and team-oriented attitude


Bachelor’s degree in life science or medical related field preferred.


Alameda, CA

AllCells, LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer
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