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Tissue Culture Services

Tissue Culture Services

AllCells Bioservices includes Tissue Culture services to help study kinetics of cellular response to external stimuli. We offer a wide range of platforms for analysis of cell proliferation and viability. This can include MTT, MTS, CTG, and Annexin V assays. 

Tissue Culture Services include:

  • Luminex® (single, multiplex)
  • In vitro proliferation/inhibition assays (EC50)
  • CFSE (refer to Flow Cytometry Services)
  • Cell proliferation assays (viability, cell counting)

To study the kinetics of cell viability in a drug compound screening, we are able to implement specific cell viability assays. Alternatively, these cell viability assays may be used for inhibition studies illustrating the kinetics of your cells EC50/ IC50 analysis.

Toxicology Studies
Our bioservices can help with QC validation of toxic effects on cells by certain compounds.

Diseased Cells
AllCells serves as a reliable source for a variety of hematological, oncologic, and autoimmune diseased cells that can be used with multiple bioservices including compound screening, biomarker discovery, and characterization of specific diseased cells. We source our own cells, have control over our supply, and can customize based on research demands.

Our Bioservices team can provide customized applications of the system to accelerate your research. In addition to tissue culture services we also provide a number of other services including: immunoassays, flow cytometry, protein analysis, genotyping, and stem cell assays. Inquire with us today by filling out our technical support form at

Compound treatment is one example of our Tissue Culture Services:

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