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Genotyping Services


AllCells now offers genotyping services as part of our Bioservices division. Our genotyping services focus on genomic DNA extraction (gDNA extraction) for mutation analysis, HLA genotyping, and Fc-gamma Receptor IIIa (CD16a typing.) Genotyping services are useful for minimizing variation in your sample population to increase reproducibility in downstream applications.
gDNA extraction
Our Bioservices can package genomic DNA extraction with mutational analysis, genomic profiling, and other sequence-based analyses.
The advancement in genetic engineering has transcended genomic DNA from the basic code of life to a pivotal tool for next generation medicine. From gene therapy to cellular reprogramming, the DNA molecule continues to manifest its dynamic potentials.
Because the research needs for genomic DNA may or may not be cell-type dependent, AllCells offers a customized service to extract and purify genomic DNA from any of our available primary cell products. These include human, other available mammalians, and other mammalian tissues such as human tumors provided by the research client.
AllCells also features cell-type and donor matched gDNA extraction and comprehensive RNA. Pricing may vary.
Mutation Analysis
Can be used to detect abnormalities in cell populations. Examples of our mutation analysis are C D16-typing and HLA-typing. We implement PCR-based assays and PCR genotyping with sequencing where needed. We source our own cells, have control over our supply, and can customize based on research demands. We can also provide KIR-Typing for NK cells.
Human Donor HLA Typing
HLA (Human Leukocyte Antigen) Typing of donors is an important aspect of research being conducted within inflammatory, immune responses pertaining to antigen presentation. AllCells Bioservices provides HLA Typing of our donors for specific A2, DRB4 loci. We offer this service based on the specific research criteria you may have. Please inquire with us today about our HLA Typing capabilities and how we may assist with your project needs.
Our Bioservices team can provide customized applications of the system to accelerate your research. In addition to genotyping services, we also provide a number of other services including: immunoassays, stem cell assays, protein analysis, flow cytometry analysis, and tissue culture services. Inquire with us today by filling out our technical support form at

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