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Your Trusted Partner in Hematology Based Research & Development

"AllCells Bioservices draws upon the company's in-depth knowledge of hematopoiesis from basic research to preclinical development of therapeutics."

Since 1998, AllCells has been the industry leader in providing high quality hematopoietic cell products and bioservices to leading researchers in drug discovery, pharmacology, cell and tissue therapies, regenerative medicine, and other life science application areas. Our products and superior sourcing capabilities provide the best possible cell products to meet your project requirements, on time. 

Our scientists have over 50 years of combined experience developing a wide range of hematopoietic assays including but not limited to cell based assays, in-vitro expansion or differentiation, and in-vitro characterization. These assays allow you to elucidate mechanistic studies, hemotoxicity/cytotoxicity and faciliate drug discovery. 

Why use AllCells Services?
We are a team of scientists who share the same passion for research as you, making our services unique with a personal touch every step of the way. 
  Unparalleled turn around time.
  Customizable services to meet all of your hematology based studies.

To get started, complete our Project Request Form. We will contact you to discuss your project needs within 24 hours. 
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